Few events in the history of a law firm have a bigger impact than a law firm merger.  Whether your firm is the acquirer or is being acquired by a larger entity, a merger is a major event for your law firm and each of its lawyers.

In putting together law firm mergers, cultural fit is absolutely the critical piece of the puzzle.  Even if there are no major conflicts and the financial projections are attractive, if the firms do not have compatible cultures then the merger should not be pursued.

At OnBoard, we have conducted a number of successful law firm mergers.  We know how to find the right targets for an acquisition, and we know which elements of a firms’ cultures are essential to the right match.

If your law firm is seeking an acquisition in a new market or an existing market, or if your firm is interested in being acquired in order to offer more services and bench strength to your clients, let’s talk about it.  Our law firm merger discussions are always discreet, confidential and effective.