A law firm’s success depends on the talents of its attorneys. 

Finding the most talented attorneys for our clients is what we do at OnBoard.  It is the reason we are here. We understand that attorneys are more than top level employees.  Attorneys are the economic engines of law firms. We realize a law firm can only be truly successful if it has great attorneys.  The firms and in-house departments that want to stay ahead of the competition must have the very best attorneys on the market.

Our passion is finding the very best talent for you.  We do this through combining deep knowledge of the legal industry with decades of practical experience in conducting high level searches.  Our ability to find and deliver talent is how we drive value for our clients. 

These attorneys come from different firms and sources, and how many times it’s not obvious. The profile for a successful lateral partner or associate might be one you expect, from a firm you would expect, but it can easily be not. There are highly talented attorneys that will help strengthen your firm’s ability to deliver and grow, but you need help to identify these lawyers, connect with them and help them understand your firm’s vision and opportunity.

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