The COVID-19 Effect on Law Schools

- Admin OnBoard

“No one answer is ever the answer.”     ― Ahmed Mostafa COVID-19 is continually affecting the legal world. From small firms to the giants, daily adjustments to the COVID Effect and solutions for the future are being discussed and enacted. So, what about law schools? Enrollment numbers? LSAT? Campus visits? Finances – for students and schools?More…

Lateral Moves/Hires During Times of Crisis

- Richard Brock

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.”        ― John F.  Kennedy                                         More…

Compensation Systems – Video

- Richard Brock

Richard discusses how different compensation systems might impact an attorney’s decision to make a lateral move.

Why Do Lawyers Make Lateral Moves? – Video

- Richard Brock

In this episode of The Lateral Brief we discuss why lawyers make lateral moves and identify 12 factors that might affect an attorney’s decision to make a lateral move.

 Strategies for Growth

- Richard Brock

“Sound strategy starts with having the right goal.” – Michael Porter As we speed through the first quarter of 2020, law firms have evaluated the past year and are looking forward to growth in 2020. Substantial growth doesn’t happen, however, without first establishing goals and creating a strategy map to define where you are goingMore…

Lateral Hiring – Video

- Richard Brock

  The Lateral Brief is a series of one minute, educational videos on the legal industry, the business of practicing law, and attorney careers. In this episode of The Lateral Brief Richard Brock discusses why law firms engage in lateral hiring of attorneys.  

Your Law Firm and Client Service

- Richard Brock

“We are what we repeatably do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle  Growth in your law firm rests largely on client retention. Your firm’s capacity to retain clients will shape the future of your practice and long-term success. Client retention is not only far less costly than attracting new clients;More…

Finding Fulfillment as a Lawyer

- Richard Brock

“It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment; it is in the happiness of pursuit.”         ~ Denis Waitley Once upon a time, you were an optimistic law student, eager to earn your degree and set the world on fire. Your dreams were big, and your confidence to attain thoseMore…

Professional Transitions

- Richard Brock

Transitioning clients from one lawyer to another is an inevitable part of a firm’s responsibilities. For example, is there a lawyer who is approaching retirement, or is otherwise unable to continue in their present capacity. Is a senior lawyer, who is delegating some responsibilities to a younger lawyer, also mentoring him/her? Are cases being transferredMore…

Integration of Laterals

- Richard Brock

Many law firms are seeking to grow by lateral hires as opposed to new law school graduates.  In fact, surveys reveal that more than 80% of firms with 250 or more lawyers have acquired laterals in the last several years.  However, hiring laterally does not guarantee success. Studies also indicate that approximately 35% of lateralMore…

Attorneys, Technology, and Ethics

- Richard Brock

Lawyers using various forms of computer technology in their practice is a given. From cloud storage, social media, and chatbots, to utilizing AI in routine office software and procedures, all these modalities and many others represent the face of technology today with more advances on the horizon. The question is how to best use technologyMore…

Best Practices for New Client Intake

- Richard Brock

Turning potential clients into paying clients is essential to your law firm’s growth. As obvious as that statement is, many firms are missing opportunities and leaving prospective clients to go searching elsewhere due to lack of follow-up and poor intake procedures. Establishing an organized, repeatable system for client intake is essential. The following format willMore…

Law Firms, Attorneys, and Social Media

- Richard Brock

Social media plays a significant role in many, if not all, aspects of our careers. We may get frustrated with it, temporarily ignore it, and fight against it, but social media is here for all of us, including the legal profession. It has become a relevant means of communication within the firm, between the firmMore…

Attorneys and Career Growth

- Richard Brock

It may be a talent-driven market where the lateral hiring of star performers is a hot topic, but don’t rest on your laurels. The men and women at the top didn’t land there without dedicated effort, strategy, goal setting, and an open-minded embracing of game-changing technology, culture, and attitudes. Building your career in law isMore…

The Path to the Top

- Richard Brock

It’s a given, of course, that the way to the top involves an attorney’s skill and expertise – his/her ability to discover his/her niche and shine. It doesn’t, however, rest on that alone, nor is it simple. From your choice of law school to the decisions you make along the way to your self-confidence, andMore…

When Law Firms Give Back

- Richard Brock

Giving back – one of the pillars of true success. Most law firms have something to give back, both in their immediate community and on a more global level. From working pro bono, to financially supporting a cause, to giving of themselves to a project in a non-legal way, there are multiple opportunities. Fostering aMore…

 “Marketing” Your Firm to Talent

- Richard Brock

Competing for talent in today’s market is challenging. It requires maintaining a grasp of the big picture, as well as an intentional focus on the details. So, what is the big picture? The big picture is your firm’s bottom line and fulfilling your firm’s mission statement.    In other words, every hire is chosen to undertakeMore…

A Winning Law Firm Culture

- Richard Brock

Investing in top legal talent, but failing to create a law firm culture that inspires commitment and loyalty is like building a luxury vehicle with low-grade seats. It may look attractive on the outside, it may have the power to master the highway, but few buyers hold on to it. Last month we discussed theMore…

Cyber Liability Coverage: Nuts & Bolts

- Ashley Umbach

If your practice uses computers, you need cyber liability insurance. This article will help you decide how much coverage you need, understand the types of coverage that might be included, and determine whether you are comfortable with the exclusions. Most data breaches occur in the healthcare industry, where data can be compromised orally, electronically, orMore…