Our healthcare search consultants are not only outstanding recruiters, they are experts in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare is an industry in constant change. Each year brings increased challenges, such as new reimbursement rules, complicated regulations, and spreading cybersecurity concerns. As a result, practices are already stretched thin. Don’t let unexpected changes such as the loss of a physician or a need for growth turn into additional headaches. Our experienced, committed team of professionals can take the burden off of you.

At OnBoard Healthcare, we save you the cost, time and hassle of locating outstanding candidates. OnBoard has a winning combination of industry expertise and years of recruiting experience. This enables us to quickly conduct discreet searches for talented candidates, leaving you free to provide quality care to your patients. OnBoard’s skilled recruiters use a variety of methods, tools and technologies to produce the results you need.
Contact OnBoard Healthcare and let us help you turn a staffing challenge into an exciting opportunity.

Our recruiters, search consultants and staffing managers are experts in these areas:


  • Physician Practices
  • Hospitals
  • Physicians
  • Advanced Practice Professionals