In order to be truly great, a company must have great people. Finding great people for our clients is what we do at OnBoard. It is the reason we are here.

Whether you need someone who excels in the legal, healthcare, financial or sales and business sectors, our passion is driving value for our clients. We drive value by finding the very best talent in the market which we do through combining true industry expertise with decades of practical experience. This enables us to successfully tackle projects of any size and scope, and to do so in a cost-effective manner for our clients.

Permanent Placement Talent Solutions

Does your company have an important opening it needs to fill? Is your company missing out on revenue-generating opportunities or cost-saving opportunities because it does not have the talent it needs in certain critical positions? If so, your company needs a search firm that not only understands your issues, but knows how to address them.


At OnBoard, we understand the talent challenges you face when you have a need for a crucial permanent hire. More importantly, we know how to help you meet those challenges by providing the candidates who are the best fit for your organization. Our team has been placing professionals in significant permanent positions for our clients for over 30 years. If you are looking for a candidate who has the right skill set AND who is the right cultural fit for your organization, Contact us today to learn how OnBoard Permanent Placement Solutions has the answer you need.

Contract Staffing Talent Solutions

Do you need world class talent immediately? Do you have an urgent need for skilled professionals, but you don’t want the commitment of hiring them permanently? If this sounds like you, then OnBoard’s staffing solutions have the answers you need.

Whether you need talented workers for a week or for a year, we understand your need for flexibility. You need excellent workers, and you need them quickly, but you don’t know for how long. Fortunately, OnBoard understands your needs and has a great solution for you. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.